CREATIVE RECRUITER (spring edition)


The very first krop newsletter! And just in time for spring... How poetic. We’re already two years old, but in the last five months, we re-named the board to Krop, made constant improvements, and our traffic went all myspace; so we decided it was finally time for a regular newsletter. You all took a chance on Krop, a Jack amongst Monsters, for which we can’t thank you enough. At first, a candid peek behind the curtain here at Krop headquarters, this newsletter will grow into much more than the standard corporate tail wagging you’ve come to expect from company newsletters. We look forward to propelling ‘The Creative Recruiter’ into a real publication full of interviews, editorial, and helpfull insight into one of the toughest jobs - attracting the brightest minds in a constantly evolving profession. All part of our continued strides towards providing the most effective job board in the creative space.

Hunting tips from Happy Customers

  • Include a detailed salary range. Remember why they’re at Krop in the first place.
  • Pitch the experience, not just a list of perks
  • Be as Specific as possible. If you want a mona lisa, don’t post a job for a “painter”.

Need something to slide accross the table at your next pow-wow that say’s “I’m on top of my game”? The Krop media kit is a simple single page glance at why we’re the leader in the creative and tech recruiting space.

Download now!

Confrence Season
is in full swing.

The scent of hotel mini-bars and free dinners fills the air; It must be spring! We’ll be sponsoring and/or appearing at a few select events this spring, if you see us, be sure to say hi! Have fun, and travel safely.

Speaking of confrences... We are in the early stages of organizing a very special and private engagement here in Los Angeles to be held this fall. When the time comes, we will be offering those of you on this list special priority registration, so please stay tuned!


We are destroying job board junk mail


It’s a war of worlds, and recruiters are on the front line. Spammers love job boards! Think about it, thousands of contact details readily avalible. All of them pointing to decission makers with online spending power! And on top of that, everyone on a job board is in the business of receiving tons of spiratic email from unkown senders containing multiple links and attachments, making even the most sofisticated spam filters useless, or, unreliable at best.


In the coming weeks and months we will be rolling out new seemless privacy features and filtering techniques that will guarantee that all the responses you recieve from your posts at are real candidates and nothing else.

We have already added software that super-encripts all the email addresses on krop, hiding them from non-human spam-bots. A custom obfuscation technique that we constantly monitor to stay a step ahead of the spammers. However, this is merely the appetizer to the spam blocking entree we will be introducing, spammers will slowly be blacklisted FOR GOOD - one by one from the krop servers, and from your contact details. It’s alittle trick we have up our sleve along with our venture partners - masters of web hosting, (mt) Media Temple.

We know that you have many choices in online creative recruitment and we thank you for chosing krop. We promise that we will continue to earn your business by adding value to you precious recruiting budget that you chose to spend with us. - Krop

Job board junk mail comes from 2 places:

1) Spam-bots crawl job board and automatically grab details.

2) Bogus job boards hand pick your details hoping to trick you into giving them your credit card.


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